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Dental Insurance

ServiceNet provides employees who work at least half-time (20 hours/week) with the opportunity to enroll in a group health insurance plan.  The cost of the premium is each employee’s responsibility.

Two Delta Dental plans are available: the Delta Dental Premier Plan and the Delta Dental Preferred Option.

Please n

ote that employees may only enroll in ServiceNet’s dental insurance plan at time of hire and during the annual open enrollment period.  In addition, at time of hire ServiceNet’s employees are eligible for insurance coverage as of the first of the month following 30 days of employment.

Benefit Summaries

·         PPO Plus Premier Plan 2

·         PPO Plus Premier Plan 3

  Please note that starting 7/1/2016, HNE no longer be offering a pediatric dental benefit to your dependents that are enrolled in the medical plan through HNE. This was simply a decision made by HNE to be more consistent in the marketplace, as well as to save you, the member, money on your portion of the medical bi-weekly premium. Please note that you still have access to comprehensive dental insurance through Delta Dental. Please see rates on both the Section 125 document as well as on the


DELTA DENTAL PLANS - Biweekly RatesDeduction Table



or Family

PPO Plus Premier Plan 2



PPO Plus Premier Plan 3



*Rates are good through 3/31/2020*

Enrollment Forms

·         Dental Enrollment Form Complete this form only if you are changing coverage or enrolling for the first time. If you are enrolled now and do not specify a change, you will continue with your current plan.  DO NOT complete this form if you would like to stay with your current coverage.  All new and continuing must also complete an Employer Section 125 Employee Election/Waiver Form unless one was filled out for health insurance. This is to have your premium contributions withheld on a pre-tax basis and reduce your taxable income, check “I elect”. If you do not want your deductions withheld on a pre-tax basis, check “I elect to not participate”. This form must be completed and returned to the Human Resources Department.