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Retirement Savings Plan (403b)

ServiceNet offers an opportunity for every employee to save towards their retirement in what is called a 403(b) plan.  Under a 403(b) plan, employees may defer a portion of their wages to their account under the plan.  These deferred amounts may be made on a pre-tax and/or a post-tax basis.

For many employees, ServiceNet offers an “employer match.”  This means that the agency will contribute to the employee’s retirement account.  The amount is a percentage of what the employee contributes.  Please consult the ServiceNet Personnel Guidelines or, for union employees, the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement for more information on the match.

Participants in the Retirement Plan have a range of investment options from which to choose.  The program is administered by a company called Empower.  Participants may access their accounts by logging into​

For more information, please see the Summary Plan Description or contact the Human Resources Department.


        ServiceNet Retirement Plan – This links to the EMPOWER site which provides a participant login area as well as links to important tools, such as web and voice response system guides, retirement planning calculators, and the participant bulletin board.  This website includes an array of education and planning tools to assist participants in the journey to retirement.


       Empower Enrollment Form  

       Beneficiary Form

       Empower Contribution Change Form

      Empower Phone App