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Tuition Remission Program

ServiceNet participates in the Tuition Remission Program sponsored by the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers and the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.  This program enables eligible employees  to attend Massachusetts state-supported undergraduate courses at any community college, state college or university, or the University of Massachusetts, (excluding the University of Massachusetts Medical Center), on a tuition-free basis.  

For an employee to be eligible for the tuition remission program, the employee must:

  • Be employed for a minimum of 30 hours/week by an Eligible Human Services Provider (such as ServiceNet).  Independent contractors are not eligible for tuition remission under this program.
  • Be employed in a position for which at least 60% of the employee’s wages and benefits are funded by a contract(s) with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide Human Services.
  • Have completed at least six months of service with the Eligible Human Service Provider at the time of submitting the Certificate of Employee Eligibility for Tuition Remission to the employer. The benefit is for employees who are working at least 30 hours per week currently; they may have been working fewer hours previously.
  • Be eligible for tuition remission under any personnel or employer policy of the Eligible Human Services Provider covering tuition remission.
  • Have applied for an eligible Massachusetts state-supported undergraduate course at a community college, state college/university, or the University of Massachusetts. They do not have to be in a degree program.

Further information please contact Joanne Spence in Human Resources at 413-387-1107 or